Little Lambs Nursery

When: Sundays at 9am, during worship

Where: Good Shepherd’s Nursery

What: Volunteers will be available to care for children in the Little Lambs Nursery every Sunday.



Policies of the Little Lambs Nursery


  1. The Little Lambs Nursery will be a safe and welcoming place for children.


  1. Children under four years of age are welcome to attend and use the nursery regularly (children four and older are welcome to attend worship with their parents/guardians at 9:00 am and to attend Sunday School at 10:15 am).


  1. Each child will receive Christian Education appropriate to her/his age in the form of songs, board books and pretend play.


  1. Children will be registered each week with children and parent(s) each receiving a name tag.


  1. Younger infants will be separated from more active toddlers.


  1. The nursery will be staffed for all Sunday worship services throughout the year.


  1. Toys, furniture, and bedding will be cleaned each week.


  1. Caregivers must remain at Good Shepherd while their child is in the nursery or church school.