Dear Friends of Good Shepherd,

Our first meeting of the Northwest United Neighborhood Association was a success, with over 60 people in attendance, including input from an alderman, county commissioner, city representative, and police officer! WINGS is ending the school year with good attendance and energetic kids! The Community Garden with United is expanding. The West Side Day Camp will grow this summer. Great things are happening in our community. Thank you for all you do to make it possible!

On May 18, I preached on John 14. (You can listen to my sermons online at Here is an excerpt of my message:

Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” Jesus is the way. The way to God. The path to follow to live in God and God in you. The earliest Christians were called people of the Way, people on the Way (Acts 9:2). The Christian faith is not so much a system of beliefs as it is a path to follow, a Way of living, a Way of loving, a Way of hope. Jesus’ way is the Way of self-giving love. Remember the road Jesus was traveling as he said these words.
Jesus is the truth. The truth about God. Do you want to meet God? Meet Jesus. Jesus reveals God’s heart of love for you and all creation. Jesus is the image of God, the word of God made flesh and living among us. Truth is not just about head knowledge, beliefs we hold. Rather, truth is personal, relational, revelatory. Jesus does not just reveal the truth, Jesus is the truth. Jesus embodies God’s Spirit of radical solidarity with creation.
Jesus is the life. Life giving bread of heaven. Jesus said, “I came that you may have life, and have it abundantly.” Jesus’ desire is for you to live your life, the life that God has breathed into you! Live true to the image of God that you are, breathing the Spirit of life that fills you. Live, not someone else’s life, but your own life! Take off your masks and let your true face speak. Live life fully alive, fully awake, in tune with God’s Spirit of life and truth and love.
As you receive God’s gift of life in Christ, life that outlasts and overcomes death, you are set free from worry and fear. You are free to do great works of love and justice and peace. You are free to follow the Way of Jesus Christ, embracing the Truth of God’s grace and mercy, and Live your life in God and God in you. Amen!

God’s Work. Our Hands.
Pastor Eric Lemonholm