Two words: thank you! Thank you for being so supportive and caring for me and my family at the death of my mom—and for walking with us these last two years, as I lost both of my parents—and our children lost two grandparents. Thank you for your cards and memorial gifts. Thank you for your messages and words of comfort.

Thank you for being the church together: bearing each other’s burdens, reaching out in love and care. They say it takes a village—and Good Shepherd is a beautiful village, a community of caring and outreach and love, a grassroots Jesus outpost, living and sharing Jesus with one another and our neighbors.

Right now, I am still grieving, of course. We always miss our loved ones who have died, even though we know they are in a good place. But I am also thankful for the life we live together at Good Shepherd. I am renewed and excited to start a good fall season of learning and growing and works of love and justice together!

Pastor Eric