Dear members and friends of Good Shepherd,

I am so thankful for health and healing as I recover from a car crash on Sept. 10. My sternum and right scapula were fractured, but no major internal injuries. I am healing and getting back into action—slowly. I am so thankful that I was the one injured, and not the other occupant of the car. This past two years have been times of loss and recovery for me. In the end, my hope and prayer is that working through these experiences of loss and mortality will make me a more compassionate, empathetic pastor. Although you never wish tragedy on oneself or anyone, and although God is not the author of tragedy, yet God can and does grow us through challenge and struggle. How has God worked in you through your challenges and struggles?

As I am now back driving (carefully), I will use my time to reach out and reconnect with you, members and friends of Good Shepherd. We truly have a wonderful congregation of fun, talented, spirited people. Now is the time to let the wider community know of the spiritual pearl hidden right in their neighborhood! We are also located right in the center of NW Rockford. We can once again be a community center, a neighborhood hub of activity—a passionate, grassroots community committed to living and sharing Jesus with everyone we meet.  Join with your brothers and sisters in this adventure!

Living and Sharing Jesus,

Pastor Eric