Dear friends,

Usually, at this time of the year, we in the church begin to talk about stewardship, especially financial stewardship. That’s important, but the members of your church council decided that this year, we will instead embark on a yearlong exploration of faith practices that help us Grow as Companions of Jesus. We have often talked about Spiritual Growth this year. Now, each month we will share with one another specific faith practices that help us grow spiritually—the 6 faith practices help us to Live and Share Jesus daily. The first step in church growth is growth in the life of faith—it starts in our hearts, as we open ourselves to God’s Holy Spirit to stir us up and empower us to love and unite as the body of Christ in this place.

This month, we will begin with Prayer on Sunday, November 11, at our 9am worship service—with testimony and reflections by one of our own members.  This month, we will also celebrate Commitment Sunday on November 25 with another Thanksgiving Leftover Potluck!

During these challenging times, when our Jewish brothers and sisters have been brutally attacked, it is more important than ever to learn what it means to be a Companion of Jesus in our daily lives—and thus to stand in solidarity with all of God’s children. God bless you!

Pastor Eric